Body and Soul Cardio | FRI | FALL
September 13, 2019 January 17, 2020

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Total # of Classes
Class length
60 minutes
Body & Soul Cardio
FRI 3:30-4:30 PM

We are having a dance party and you are invited! No experience needed. All ages and all dance lovers welcome. This class will move your whole body and energize your soul. We will move our whole bodies and enjoy ourselves while we do it.  Combining dance moves and music from around the world. Get ready to sweat and dance it out. Navigate across the floor with latin inspired dance moves, from Afro-Caribbean to Contemporary Hip-Hop. Enhance energy - build cool skills, move to great music, and most importantly WE HAVE FUN! 
Leggings, sweatpants, comfortable clothing you can move and sweat in! BARE - FEET

The class takes place on...

September 13 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
September 20 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
September 27 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
October 4 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
October 11 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
October 18 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
October 25 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
November 1 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
November 8 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
November 15 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
November 22 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
December 6 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
December 13 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
December 20 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
January 10 at 3:30 pm (Friday)
January 17 at 3:30 pm (Friday)

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