Creative Ballet Arts | SAT | FALL
November 23 (Saturday) at 10:00 am

Class length
45 minutes
Creative Ballet Arts  
SAT 10:45 - 11:30 AM

ages 3 - 5 | Sarah Daunt 
SAT - 10 CLASS PASS  : $160
 (expires June 16, 2019)
 Drop-in: $17  

- Sibling Discount available w/cash or check

 class is a fun and creative introduction to the technical foundations of dance through concepts drawn from, ballet, modern, and creative movement. The exploration of movement to percussion and instrumental music selections will enhance rhythm and promote imagination. All students are encouraged to move freely through their own unique and creative expression. Through this kinesthetic learning environment each dancer will develop a greater awareness of their physical capabilities and spatial awareness, while cultivating an understanding of the classroom community. 
DRESS CODE - PLEASE NO: glitter, jeans, bare legs, jewelry, accessories, baggy or over-sized clothing
Girls   |   Leggings or Tights,  Leotards, Hair pulled back and out of face, and Bare Feet OR Ballet Slippers
Boys   |   Form fitting t-shirt, black dance pants, or sweat pants and Bare Feet OR Ballet Slippers

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